Saturday, November 05, 2005

News from around the weird

Oil-for-Food Scandal implicates Bush and Cheney
For months, Mr. Limbaugh, and the other overpaid apologists, have been yawping about the Oil-for-Food scandal, since the UN is involved, and since they are knee-jerk haters of anything that goes against their nationalistic bigotry, such as the supranational United Nations.

CBS Poll: Bush approval rating at all-time low, 35%! Favorability Rating at 33%!
35% does not a mainstream when you hear the marginalized 35% claim to be the mainstream, understand that you are being lied to, and call them on it.

Vatican says Christians should listen to science and avoid "fundamentalism"
Definition of the day. fundament - buttocks: the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. Fundamentalist: Someone who rests on, or has his head up, his buttocks.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Democrats, Don't Ignore the War; It's time for a true opposition party.
Face it. A lie and a bad idea is a hole that needs no further digging.

War protesters close major boulevard in Los Angeles

'Katrina Cough' Floats Around; The storm's residual mold and muck may be causing respiratory illnesses in people who have returned home.

Mark Crispin Miller Talks About the Last Stolen Election, the One in 2004

Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin

A Flu Plan That's For The Birds

All the King's Media
Are Washington reporters really that close to their sources? For her part, Miller has a "tropism toward powerful men," as Times columnist Maureen Dowd delicately put it. This is well-known gossip in court circles, but let's not go there. Boy reporters also suck up to powerful men with shameful deference, wanting to be loved by the insiders so they can be inside too (shades of the French courtiers). The price of intimacy is collected in various coins, but older hands in the news business understand what is being sold. The media, Christopher Dickey of Newsweek observed in a web essay, "long ago concluded having access to power is more important than speaking truth to it." - William Greider