Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Penthouse courts sexual Panther Cheerleaders

Concupiscent Panther Pussycats

Most cheerleaders are celibate, and don't even think about sexual congress. Not so our brave and sexy Panther cheerleaders! And now Penthouse magazine realizes that southern belles have got what it takes to move mags, and we're not talking redneck wheels, which are typically already moving. The magazine is courting Renee Thomas, 20, (who looks a whole lot like Kelly Ripa) and Angela Keathley, 26, to pose nude, although it would generally be better is they were nekkid, since it is sexier to be nekkid than merely naked or nude. Nekkid, you see, has a special meaning down south, with the implication being that hormones are involved.

Go pussycats! You are putting our team on the map!

Oh wait! They are actually called the TopCats? Why not BottomCats?