Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rupert Sir Richard Branson takes on Rupert Murdoch

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is taking dead aim at Murdoch's media empire by creating a giant television, internet and telephone company.
According to the London Telegraph,
Branson plans to merge his company, Virgin Mobile, with media service provider NTL in a $7.5 billion deal.
This would make Branson one of the most powerful figures in television and threaten Sky TV, part-owned by Murdoch's News Corp. It also will position Branson for future media deals.

When I see the race riots in Australia, my first thought went to Australia's own Dark Citizen, Rupert Murdoch. With his media empire, he has helped fan the flames of war and hatred, and now it is spreading onto the streets of his homeland. And to think, he was only trying to make a buck.

Fortunately for Sir Branson, the truth need not be repeated ad nauseam in order to be digested. As the bathetically adolescent Mr. Limbaugh is fond of saying: "If you repeat it often enough, people will believe you." And his echolalia knows no bounds. May Sir Richard not be so mind-deadeningly repetitive. May he inherit the riches who are the real and boundless treasure chests.

We need good, exemplary guides, not paid apologists and spin doctors.

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