Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Post-Post-911: Moving from Fear to Love

Before 9/11, Americans were not consumed by fear. But then 9/11 changed everything. America became consumed by fear. And when you are fearful, you make bad decisions.
In this sense, Karl Rove was right. Democrats are pre-911...at least in the sense of not being consumed by fear. But what about those who ARE consumed by fear? Can we help those folks get over their fear? Can we help them to become post-post-911?

Decades are funny things. Oftentimes the first half is radically different than the last half. Look at the 60s...which didn't really get going until the latter part of the decade.

The same can be said for the decade we are in.

The first half of this decade has been dominated by post-911 fear. The latter half will be dominated by post-post-911 love. Wait and see. Better yet...join in!