Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's a Kellie Pickler?

What's a Kellie (Kelli, Kelly, Kelley, Caeli) Pickler (Picoler, Pickle, Picker, Pickeler)?

Kellie Pickler is a singer and performer from Albemarle, North Carolina who has won the hearts of many viewers, but is in danger of losing a certain percentage due to her idiotic cliches.
She is a talented and beautiful singer, and will probably do well regardless of her standing on American Idol. But given that FOX is not a venue most intellectuals don't gravitate toward, her playing dumb may well benefit her. (I assume she is playing.)

But just as Kellie stock may have gone down, Bucky Covington's has gone up. His response when Chicken Little was sent packing was classy and warm.

Learn from each other and you both will do great things.

kellie pickler 3-7
Kellie Pickler - I'm The Only One
Kellie Pickler - How Far
Kellie Pickler - Somethin' To Talk About

Supper's Ready - Genesis
King Crimson - "In The Court Of The Crimson King"
Genesis - the musical box
Epitaph - King Crimson Theme
Vista - Robert Fripp
King Crimson