Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Katharine McPhee is the American Idol to beat

Anonymoses' American Idol Assessment, April 18, 2006

Simon was spot on tonight, as were all of the judges, pretty much, tonight.
Kelly was the one to mess up, and she and everyone knew it, and Kat soared to heights beyond even that of the others, who were, in the main, very good tonight.

California Katherine takes the night. But Chris Daughtry also does well, since he has been splitting the North Carolina vote with Kellie. One even wonders if Kellie intentionally messed up so that Chris, and maybe even Katharine, might fare better. She may actually prefer that someone else wins.

Taylor Hicks was, as Simon said, "pure magic" but only at the end of the song...where he proved why should be up there. What started lame, wound up powerful and moving.

Paris Bennett did a beautiful job but, as Simon alluded, her off-song presence is lacking. Perhaps a product of her youth and inexperience.

Elliot and Ace did fine jobs, but neither have attained the heights of Kellie, Kat, Chris or Paris.

If Kellie is not punished for her slip up this week, I suspect Eliot or Ace will walk.

Chris, Kat and Taylor move up this week, and Kellie is newly vulnerable.

Great job all!