Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nonny's American Idol Assessment, April 11, 2006

anonyMoses ponders the Idols

Twilight of the Idols

I'm still moved by Katharine McPhee's beautiful performance of Queen's "Who wants to live forever?". So far, she is the one who deserves victory. Then comes Chris Daughtry, who was also preternatural...

(Sorry. Had to get back to the tube. Now hours have passed.)

As I was saying... Katharine had the most beautiful performance, and Chris made a strong, remarkable, comeback. Katharine may well have made a good choice in picking the more sedate song, but I frankly enjoy her hip action and flirty side. Lord knows Kellie has that side down, as she showed once again with her Reader's Digest condensed version of "Bohemian Rhapsody".
You can't bore someone into buying your product, and Kellie never expects you to. It will take her to, or next to, the top. Kellie and Katharine are the stars. Queen should scoop up Chris.

Paris was beautiful and sweet, but something tells me her youth will send her back for more life training.

When you have a case where all the people left have great voices, you begin whittling away at the visual aspects of idoldom. This is where Elliot gets cut. Then Bucky. Then Taylor. Paris is then cut because of youth, and we're left with Kellie and Katharine. I'm hoping for a draw.

Katharine's strong point is that she could and would probably do Sarah Brightman, Linda Eder, Dawn Upshaw, and the high end of the vocal art. Kellie might not know to do such things, and be sucked into being a bottom-feeder. Let us hope not.

Perhaps they will be given the opportunity to do some high art. This would certainly serve as a shake out. Why not see if they can handle America's very best singers? We've been everywhere else!