Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Final American Idol Assessment, May 23, 2006

At round two, it is a tie, slightly favoring Katharine though, as I think people sense that his range is nowhere near that of Katharine's. Twice, Katharine has gone against my prescription, but alas, her performance on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was so stunningly beautiful, it worked as a "Soft Goodbye", as I had suggested.
Taylor was awfully good on his first song. He really knows how to work a crowd.

Sad to see that Kat did yet another repeat song. While she looked great, her voice was a little worn. She could have chosen an amazing new song, and knocked it out of the park. She didn't. But as Simon generously suggested...remember her second song.

Indeed, I will. It was my first favorite song, and I am delighted that she sang it twice, and beautifully. It was certainly the high point of the entire competition.

For his third song, Taylor did a repeat performance of "Do I make you proud". Very moving. Probably will serve him well.

Katharine could have pulled out the stops and won the competition. Instead, Taylor pulled out the stops, somewhat, and will probably win the competition. In retrospect, I am glad these two made it to the top. They are both the entire package. Stars. And the world will be better for having promoted them.

Looking back over the months, the two songs that were the most beautiful were both performed by Kat. "Rainbow" and "Who wants to live forever?". And as far as looks go...I wonder if anyone in Hollywood has seem Kat's resemblance to the original "It-girl", Clara Bow. Imagine, Hollywood! Clara Bow with a voice! Right in your own backyard!

Clara Bow in your backyard. The Original Kat.