Friday, June 16, 2006

Bindlestiff Cirkus comes to Charlotte, Sunday, June 25th

Fellow bloggers. Put this on your calendar!
I'll let my friend Darryl describe what is coming...

I am putting together a group to go see the Bindlestiff Cirkus
( at the Visulite Theater in
Elizabeth ( Keith Nelson, the
“father” of Bindlestiff, and I went to high school together. He has been
doing this show up in Manhattan for a number of years and is taking it on the
road this summer. I’ve never seen the show, but it has received some great
coverage ( ).

Sunday, June 25th is the date. Doors open at 8pm, show
is at 9pm. The show is rated 18+, so its adult night.

** Please talk to or email your friends and see if anyone else
is interested in attending. **

I am buying tickets for Kris and me today. Please go
ahead and purchase your tickets through Visulite if you are interested. If
you like, email us back that you have purchased your tickets and we will see if
there is any interest in coordinating some type of pre-show food &