Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CD WATCH: Drive-by Media (in concert) "Why Rush Sucks"

In order to promote local talent, we at Anonymoses Bloggerifics Corporation will be highlighting some, but not all, although surely more than one, of the the great bands in the area. Yesterday, we through the spotlight on The Activist Judges. Today we are highlighting Drive-by Media and their new CD, "Why Rush Sucks", and are waiting for the art for The Trial Lawyers.

"Why Rush Sucks" features the songs:
- Lying For Dollars
- It's the Dope Speaking
- I can hear but I still can't listen
- I'm glad I'm not black
- Yourn Kampf
- I'm your Fat Fuhrer
- I just like the shape of cigars
- Keeping the Rabble Ignorant
- Sure I'm a dropout, isn't Chomsky?
- Arrogance Squared