Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Can I use my 30 seconds?" : Dole's Swan Song?

While the Sunday talk shows try to outbore each other -- Tim wasting his hour on state senate debates, George forgetting to invite the truly bright Robert Reich, Chris... just another Bill Krystol -- risible nuggets of pregnancy cannot help but be extruded when it comes to politicians. And yesterday Elizabeth Dole was one of the shining examples. (There were yet others.) I like Mrs. Dole alright, but either she, or her handlers, are, well, whacked out...and may require medical attention. Here is what happened:

Dole, representing the Republicans, was to (sort of) debate Senator Shumer, representing the Democrats. During almost every exchange, Dole monopolized the time, and, as is often the case with Republicans (sorry, but it's true -- much to the chagrin of Democrats who really want to know) answers with whatever she wants to convey, instead of answering the question proffered. But the piece de resistance was when Chris admonished them both to answer the next (and final) question within 30 seconds.

Mr. Shumer used his full 30 seconds. Mrs Dole, much like this sentence, and using the English language, decided, or was told, that it was more important to attack Harold Ford (as I recall) and forget answering any question asked by one of her juniors...who, to his credit, contradicted her -- feeling apparently confident that it is now smart to fly Democrat -- and then, after a minute or two, the now ludibund Mrs Dole, after being cut off by Mr Wallace says: "Can I use my 30 seconds?"

I guess this is what happens when a regime is crumbling.