Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frankly Rush, You're No Michael J. Fox

I love Michael J. Fox. I will go ahead ahead and admit that. And I have no respect for Rush Limbaugh. I will freely admit that too. But today, when Rush Limbaugh accused Fox of acting and exaggerating his bodily movements...and then proceeded to imitate those movements...my respect for Rush fell to a new low. 1000 below. Lower than whale shit. And frankly Mister permanent adolescent Limbaugh...you are no Michael J. Fox. You are not even a Michael J. Pollard. Well, on the other hand, maybe you ARE a Michael J. Pollard. Or at least the perverse and opprobrious characters he used to play. And you can forget Jack Kennedy, whom Mike Fox more resembles. While Fox fights tirelessly, with limited ability and energy, for those who are suffering, and living beyond his own suffering, you wallow in your luxury and brag about wasting gas.

I hereby demand a public apology by Rush Limbaugh to Michael J. Fox. And for public service, dedicate your outsized mouth to helping those who actually need help -- not protecting and milking those at the other extreme.