Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sundry thoughts on the debates

After watching the Democrats and Republicans debate, a few notions arise, or at least they did in me. It is doubtful that much difference has been made as yet, and that "things on the ground" will probably play a much larger role as the election time nears.

Surely the most troubling moment in both debates came when Duncan Hunter talked about preemptive nuclear war. This is clearly the opposite of how we need to be thinking about our future role in the world, since it is, essentially, George W. Bush on steroids -- digging the hole much faster and deeper than the speed of life can sustain. Backward, backward and did I say backward? And I'm talking caveman backward.

Speaking of about all those admittedly unevolved hominids on the Republican ticket? Nature, you will recall, evolves us human beings to a certain point, after which we must consciously evolve ourselves...but some of these risible atavists even go so far as to deny the very process -- thinking, incorrectly, that it somehow disallows the existence of God. Democrats should not be burdened by such clabber and keep evolving their and our minds and beings.

Look. REpublicans are REactionary. Some are even REprobates. But they will now admit that the current administration was and is sorely lacking in the idea or vision department. And without ideas or is only reactionary.

But look at the Democrats. While the Republicans continue their fear mongering while banging the tired and overspent war drum, the Democrats are creating the future, which is, at first, but a vision. But a vision is, alas, what a nation most needs, for without one it will perish. Just ask the Bible. Solomon, I believe. It's been a while. I also like the one that says: "I shall not want." I like Davids.

It is refreshing to hear Republicans talking about alternative energy, and I believe one or two can see that creating "the new way" can mean thousands of new, currently nonexistent, jobs. It will also, in many instances, decrease our impact on global warming.

Chances are any number of the candidates, on either side, would be better than the current officeholders. The question is: Who has the clearest vision for leading us out of the Hell that we have foisted upon the world.

The Democrats certainly have the friendlier vision.