Sunday, July 01, 2007

Symphonic Music by David Beckwith

Not long ago it dawned on me to stitch together some of my more memorable symphonic works into what the young'uns might call a CD, were they given that opportunity. And so here it is... Symphonic Music by David K Beckwith. (There are an astonishing number of other David Beckwiths out there, hence the K. And no, I'm not David Kaye, although I appreciate his contributions to the world.)

I'm having a problem settling on names for some of the tunes, and would certain love to hear suggestions. Some songs, like "God Breathing" and "How God Evolves" are likely to stay put, since they so nearly hit the mark, but all the others are open for change. Moreover, the songs themselves are open for collaboration. If you want to lay tracks over it...feel free. Most of the music was channeled anyway. Once I get the ego out of the way, then the so-called spirit of music, the muses, or what-have-you, come to play, using my fingers to do their dance. It is a flowing snapshot, for the ear, of the moment. Eternity packaged in a droplet. Soundtrack of the River of Life. Music at its most bla bla bla...