Thursday, September 06, 2007

Republican debate: Is Fred Thompson a Transcendent God?

Face it. Everybody knows that the urge to war is what the Bible calls "The Satanic Urge", and that most of the Republicans are infected with it. Ron Paul is the laudible exception. But alas, he is not so smallweenied as his wan semaphors and toothshiners, who, at best, are lazy on Peace.


So why are the Republicans lazy on Peace? Is it related to the Satanic Urge? Or is it more a matter of the profits they are making off of the acting out of the Satanic Urge?

Last night, while Ron Paul was winning the debate, Fred Thompson was fast asleep, having finished his job at Leno, where he disrespected Jay by walking off the stage in front of him, before the proper time. And why was he hunched over like a cave man? Is he really just a product placement for the new cavemen TV series? Let's ask Chompsky...

GNOME CHOMPSKY: Yes, Nonny, and thank you for asking. Fred Thompson IS a product placement for Cavemen, and we know what those syntactic structures can lead to. By representing the atavists and the simians, Metatron Thompson hovers under, not over, his Republican inferiors, and taunts them with every grunt, which echoes through their hindbrains like Craig and the daily embarrassment.

When all is said and done, "The Republicans who are not Ron Paul" will look back and wish they had the cahones to speak the full truth. Watching them fail to do so is the ongoing tragedy. Thank God for Ron Paul. Long live the Democratic Party!