Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainbloggers Break North Carolina Drought! ConvergeSouth Credited.

World Anthology of ConvergeSouth Reviews: comes to Greensboro - Jude (Iddybud) Nagurney-Camwell has some great pictures of folks at ConvergeSouth, including our guests from San Francisco and CurrentTV, Saskia Wilson-Brown and Brandon Gross, as well as CrapTV's Jason McHugh.

ConvergeSouth: The Buzz That Was - Lenslinger, who writes: "When a shirtless Al Gore first twisted the internets out of molten lava, experts worried it would turn the people of the Earth into agoraphobic laptop addicts. Perhaps they had a point. Still, when used correctly, the series of tubes that is the web can actually bring people face to face - and I‘m not talking about those skeevy dating websites, either. I‘m talking ConvergeSouth. " Wondrous words, my friend!
ConvergeSouth Film Festival stuff
Late breaking news
ConvergeSouth 2008 - Volunteer and the job is yours - Sue Polinsky
Too fast from Greensboro to Milwaukee [A Blog Around The Clock] - Bora Zivkovic
Converging 2007 - Joe Killian
Converged - Ed Cone

ConvergeSouth - all good (except for…) - David Hoggard, "The Man with the Meat", wonders if some of the class leaders did not get the memo about the audience being smarter than you are. Elsewisely put, "zen mind, beginner's mind". Lively discussion!

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ConvergeSouth: Day Two Social Networking - Sir Leonard Witt

Saturday morning at ConvergeSouth - Anton Zuiker (with a link to Storyblogging session, which I regrettably missed.)

ConvergeSouth 2007 - Michael Kimsal

Social networks at ConvergeSouth - Ruby Sinreich

ConvergeSouth photos - Radical Georgia Moderate

ConvergeSouth 2007 Day 2 - Guillaume le Blogpoetistan (no lackbeard) keeping track of ConvergeSouthiana while reminding us of the importance of his majoral candidacy and his future mayoralty. May he bring peace and macrobiotic food to Blogsboro.

Don’t Question Us! - The Conservative Alternative

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Attytood's Southern strategy - Will Bunch (who had graced us from Philadelphia)

BCR at ConvergeSouth today - Bull City Rising (Durham)

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