Thursday, January 24, 2008

He who says "both" is lying

He who says "both" is lying

PROOF: There is no "both"...

In the Democratic primary, Obama and Hillary are Goliath and John Edwards is David, Seabiscuit, the oppressed candidate, by virtue of his doing the right thing regarding financing, but even more so by virtue of his marginalization by The Corpulent Media, who always seems to get it least when it comes to the typical American citizen.
They helped shoehorn Bush into office.
They helped shoehorn America into a tragic, horrible, and far from over war.
They are pill pushers.

Even before the war, I knew this much: We might decide when it begins, but it is the enemy who will decide when it is over. And we found this out with "Mission Accomplished". The same sad truth holds true today...unless we are in touch with the highest of truths, and can create a win-win situation whereby their win is clearly more generous than our own...for it is we who created this proverbial "goose in a bottle" to begin with.

There! It is out!

Now can we finally get to the heavy uplifting? (By uplifting, I do not mean tugging.)
Can we now care for our neighbors, disregarding our own well-being? can we shut our mouths and pick up a hammer, say, and physically help rebuild New Orleans, America and the world?
This is what John Edwards is ALREADY doing. Kudos to you, sir, for picking a most excellent running mate. At this point he is ready to even be the President.

Remember the parable of the farmer who tugged at his turnip? By endorsing Obama, are you not, in fact, tugging at a turnip? And a turnip with the wallet of a Goliath?

Everyone knows that Barack Obama will be the president...some day. And most people want him to be at his very best when he is put into that role.

I have no doubt that John Edwards is as worthy a candidate as the good Senator Obama, but I do think that he edges him out in the preparedness column.

"BE PREPARED" - boy scout motto

Preparedness is not the same as entrenchment.
Preparedness is the piece de resistance of revolutionary change, because it is absolutely essential that one not only envision the must also consider the consequences of one's vision. Processing these potential unintended results, beforehand, cannot be done in months. It takes years. Frankly, I would be more comfortable, and would carry his biggest pom-poms were Obama were to prepare for another four or eight years. Like John Edwards.


I hope, in the remaining time, you can see that, in a certain way, John Edwards is the new black. He is being oppressed by the media, whose echolalia carks "both" "both" "both" while trying to frame it as Obama versus Hillary...ONLY.

We mustn't give them that victory. And what if their blackout backfired? What if John, out of absence, became the new face everyone was hoping for, and he, being the new fashion, is again...the new black.

My point is that Democrats, way more than Republicans, pull for the underdog. It is ironic that a white man is the underdog, but it is true...and the truly enlightened position should be one where race and sex plays absolutely no role in the decision...because if it does, it is either sexist or racist at its core.


The underdog is the underdog. As Sartre once said, "..."always on the side of the oppressed, never the oppressor."

Who, in this race, on both parties, is oppressed?
The answer is John Edwards, but also Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, and maybe even those early Republican losses...although I don't begrudge their particular absence.

Be a darling and cringe, with me, every time you hear the word, "both"...because it has that stench that wafted over Florida in 2000.

When you hear the word, "Both", think "Booth", and be a good Conanobrien and crash into the scene, and prevent the injustice.


When it comes to ideas, visions, creatity and passion, John is the goose with the golden egg...not the goose in the bottle. As such, he needs to be in there, bringing out his excllent ideas and vision for the possible America.

They also squelched Bucky Fuller. And had they not, we would have already solved many of the problems that plague us today.

Is Edwards The New Bucky? I don't know.
It is up to each individual, in the quiet of their castle, the determine such things.

Vore John Edwards
He's a Seven!
And a Carolinian!

"O! To be a Carolinian!"
-Walt Whitman

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