Saturday, February 09, 2008

Darcy take the plunge - Pride and Prejudice - PBS - Sunday

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy

I may be the only person who has not yet seen the much-vaunted "Pride and Prejudice", starring my physical and temperamental alter-ego, Colin Firth, but I have seen "Bridget Jones' Diary", which surely must count for something. "Valmont" was also mighty fine as a rending of "Les Liassons Dangeroux", although slightly off-topic.

Yesterday Terry Gross interviewed Mr. Firth and had a most spirited exchanged, largely revolving around his "taking the plunge" -- which, as it turns out, was originally intended to be performed in the raw. When that idea was panned, they pondered undies, only to find out that they didn't wear any at the time. Probably an earlier Britney age, and what with Firth being a Briton and all...must be true. According to Firth, the underknickers were less than alluring, and so they opted out of that, and decided on a clad baptism of liberation.

Clad baptism of liberation

I'd love to find out where this and "Miss Austen Regrets" was filmed. "Mansfield Park" was filmed in and around the lovely Newby Hall near Ripon, Yorkshire, where, for centuries, my ancients romped.