Monday, March 03, 2008

Liveblogging the Queen and Barbara Walters

The queen conveys without words.

Important Fact 1 - President Bush does not DO White Tie!

"I am just a ornament." - President George W. Bush
"No, you are a nornament." Queen


You cannot see the ceilings of Buckingham. I scrape my head on mine.

"She's got a neat twinkle in her eye." GWB
"It's called Baraka." Barbary Walter

"She's the queen of the British monarch." - nobodaddy in crowd

(I am reminded of Goofus and Gallant". )

Oops. He DOES do white tie. His explanation though makes it clear that he doesn't fully realize that she was, is and will be. He only was. His isness could stand a clintonizing.