Friday, July 11, 2003

CBS Sucks Bush's Tool

CBS Sucks Bush's Tool

Corporate Bush Sucker is Enronned into Bullshitting America

There once was a time when people in the news service had testicular fortitude. But then the news service became the news business, and pretty soon the "news" thing will atrophy and fall off, like the weak little appendages of those sinecures who now determine clever ways to lie for power...compensated in dollars for what they lack in truth, integrity, professionalism.

One is reminded of the image of the Bush family as they waited for the election returns in 2000, and having heard some bad news, worked their magic; utilized their tool. In just minutes, the Media had heard the call. Kane had stepped into the shadow. The death knell had rung for Democracy, and power had been regained. Subreptiously.

I imagine such a call again came to CBS.

Or maybe it was the foot-stomping, door-banging thugs from Florida...
You know, the Republican operatives with the famous stench of Fascism
permeating their repugnancies. Another fine tool.

Maybe Bush or Tom DeLay directed them to the offices of CBS, and their ungentlemanly antics created paroxysms in the faculties of those pedigrees granted them the tedious task, aboriginally. Hard to know for sure. Bush's famous secrecy...

At any rate, I think one can expect another pisspoor performance by the Media over the next election cycle. They've already started. That is, if they ever stopped.

The Media is one of the most effective tools in Bush's sandbox. His best weapon, really.

But as the ancients in China warned: It is the nature of weapons to turn against their wielder...
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