Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Weird 911

Weird 911

or Gates of Delirium

I ran across this review I had written about the Yes concert at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, just a couple of days before 9-11. (see below) I had come to Manhattan to celebrate a friend's birthday on the 6th of September, and was coerced into sticking around a few days. I was having a great time anyway, and they are very dear.

I had not really wanted to go to New York, as I had had all manner of bad feelings, intuitions, synchronicities...which told me not to go, things were going to get very bad very soon, and New York seems to have had a particularly negative sheen about it. Enough to cause me to simply head back home after missing the first plane...although I was urged to go back and get on the next one. After all, they had already booked the flight for me.

I would be interested in hearing if others had also had premonitions, for lack of better word, about impending doom...

Anyway...the Yes concert was, in some strange way, meant to happen. I'm sure they would tell you the same thing.

For more on the Yes reviews, visit YesNet online.

The review:

Venue: New York, NY, September 8

Waves of baraka and emotion rising and exchanging between the band and audience, creating a perfect end to their tour here in sunny Manhattan. Nous sommes du soleil, indeed! And to think...had I not auspiciously flown up from Charlotte, I might have missed this sacred and holy event -- which will likely act upon the beings of those who shared in the darshan in such a way as to make such auspicious pearls of synchronicity a more common occurrence, as
these next potentially troubling weeks and months pass before us one
by one.
And not a day too soon!

So much love passing back and forth tonight! Miracles of palpable love spreading outward from Jon's heart chakras, who seemed ever-keen on its reception as well. One can hardly imagine a more generous pantheon of souls as these masters of music.

Their new works were quite good as well, and one, in particular, struck me exceptional and in the tradition of CTTE, Tales, etc...which I suppose was called Sacred Ground. If it's actually not new, then I apologize. Great song, regardless.

The orchestra conductor was exuberant and tight enough to be
considered a member of the band, IMHO...and the orchestra, from what I could tell, seemed to be enjoying themselves, while not allowing their enjoyment to negatively impact their performance, as it that were even possible.

Magic, wondrous magic...and a pulsing blue light...the starlight...so soon...

I am tired of using words. I want to replay the concert in my head now.

Thanks, Yes! Thanks, Manhattan!