Sunday, July 13, 2003

Liberals Outperform Conservatives in the Blogosphere

Conservatives 330, Liberals 2,690

Liberals Outperform Conservatives in the Blogosphere

Google Search turns up wide descrepancy

Conservative Blogs on Google
Liberal Blogs on Google

Rush Limbaugh, the fat man's messiah, is fond of saying "repeat it often enough and eventually they will believe you." Well the conservatrons are at it again. This time they are claiming domination of the blogosphere...apparently since domination is the only language they speak. Don't be surprised if they started buying up liberal blogs just to balance the scales...just like they did to web businesses at the turn of the century, only to flush them down the toilet. Gotta control the information flow. Dissenting voices not good. Competing industries not good...

Of course they could, instead, multiply their rolls in blogdom...but alas that might expose them for the vacuous reactionaries they often are.

Take a look at liberal blogrolls and then conservative blogrolls. Now read and analyze each "side".

What you will notice is a certain concentricity of blogs on the right, and sadly, quite a bit of concentricity on the left now as well. People are selling out their individuality for popularity, and at a cost.

Conservatives claim to be for the individual, and yet they work in packs. They watch each other to learn what to say. Liberals are far more insouciant in this department, and tend to depend more on their native gifts to assess the situation. You do know about the situation?

More on the situation later...