Monday, August 11, 2003

flash mob

flash mob", "flash-mob" or "flashmob"? NAME THAT PRODUCT!

But is it just a product...or is it a tool for Chaos & Confusion?

I'm no expert on flashmobs (or whatever) fact, I've never even been in one. Not sure that I ever will. I do so enjoy sitting. Much easier to write to you, my beloved reader. But I do enjoy linguistics and language. When a new meme makes it to the forebrain, the curiosity is roused, and, when time allows, I will often allow myself to ruminate upon it. Better than fecating upon it, I suppose.

Anyway, back to said flashmob...

Normally, in the evolution of terms, there is a process which goes like this:

When two words are unrelated, they remain apart.
Then, as they begin to be used together, the use of hyphens become the norm.
Finally, as they meld as an word, unhyphenated.
flash mob>flash-mob>flashmob
never the less>never-the-less>nevertheless

Current occurrences on Google are:
flash mob - 38,000
flash-mob - 40,800
flashmob - 15,600

Of course things are skewered by the presence of "Flashmob" as a proper noun...since references could be for the blog named 'Flashmob" and the social phenomena.

In the future, there will be flashmobs of war. Imagine, say, that the Redcoats are marching through Cambridge, heading for Concord and Lexington. The word is put on, and hundreds or thousands of citizens come out to "greet" them.
As it turns out, it sort of happened that way anyway. And the effect was disarming to the British soldiers.

But what if this happened in Iraq? (God forbid)

Maybe it is something in the word, "mob", that throws up warning flags for me...

Even the word, "flash" conjures up imagery of war...

Granted, flashmobs, so far, have probably all been a real hoot. A knee-slapper even. And a way to meet people very quickly. But there is also the fairly new concept (or should I say "product"? -- everyone else is!) known as speed-dating...which will accomplish the same goal, and in fact has it as it's chief goal.
(It is hyphenated because of the two "d"s, no doubt.) 'Twill be interesting to watch the evolution.

I just did a Google News search and found that a flashmob has brought "chaos and confusion" to London's West End. Sheesh! Chaos and Confusion. Bush's 2 favorite C-words. (The other being Conservative.) I really am beginning to smell a rat...or maybe it's a con...

He brought it to Florida, he brought it to Iraq and Afghanistan, and had brought it everywhere he goes.

When Bill Clinton was asked what the Democrats should do (before the 2000 selection), he said: "Seek Clarity".

Clarity...the opposite of Confusion.

Maybe Bush is just projecting his own mind as he spreads chaos and confusion, and maybe flashmobs won't devolve into mere tools for those who would spread chaos and confusion, rather than clarity, sweetness and light. I don't know. I just blog. A blogging machine. Only slightly more advanced than SHRDLU or Eliza...and with the disadvantage of having to eat...which I am about to go and do.

Maybe we all should! How 'bout Maxim's at 2!

For more on the product, check out blogmeister Oxytocin. There you will find much to delight the brain...including why peepees are shaped the way they are.