Friday, August 15, 2003

More Evidence Bush Inc. Caused (or Allowed) Northeast Blackout

Bush Inc. may not have caused 911. But he did allow it.
He may have even caused it. Who knows? He shut the books.

The same can be said about the Great Northeast Blackout...

[Bush is where? In the Southwest. Coincidence?]

Bush Inc. cronies Enron and Reliant were behind the California this event will recall in the minds of many Californians...who, after all, are in a recall kinda state of mind.

One has to ask oneself: Is our "president" petty, vengeful and mean? Like Nixon?
I, for one, suspect he is.

Think back...

Bush spends megabucks and many hours courting California voters in 2000. They do not respond the way he wishes.


Then he gets selected, visits New York (which he openly disdained) and they treat him, well, as one would suspect. America was already going down the tubes. The looting and lotting had already begun. New York embarrassed Bush...


Today, there are a confluence of forces which may have prompted Bush Inc. to whack the Northeast again.

As I said take news from Arnold...and to simply show how all-powerful he fancies himself.

But today I learn from Buzzflash and Greg Palast that there are yet other reasons...

"Is tonight's black-out a surprise? Heck, no, not to us in the field who've watched Bush's buddies flick the switches across the globe. In Brazil, Houston Industries seized ownership of Rio de Janeiro's electric company. The Texans (aided by their French partners) fired workers, raised prices, cut maintenance expenditures and, CLICK! the juice went out so often the locals now call it, "Rio Dark."

So too the free-market cowboys of Niagara Mohawk raised prices, slashed staff, cut maintenance and CLICK! -- New York joins Brazil in the Dark Ages.

Californians have found the solution to the deregulation disaster: re-call the only governor in the nation with the cojones to stand up to the electricity price fixers. And unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov. Gray Davis stood alone against the bad guys without using a body double. Davis called Reliant Corp of Houston a pack of "pirates" --and now he'll walk the plank for daring to stand up to the Texas marauders.

As the Saint Pete Times put it:
This Enron saga is far from over.

Expect the usual chaos and confusion. The many chads. The impossibility of knowing how the blackout started. That sort of ruse...