Friday, August 22, 2003

Whining Apologist, Limbaugh, Has No Audience

And if he does, why do they bury their heads?
The whining apologist, Rush Limbaugh, is lying again.
He would lead you to believe there are substantial numbers of people who listen to his show. But where are they?

I went slumming today, and listened to his "Open Lines Friday" show today.
But where were the callers? Are they dumb? Are they chicken? Or are they simply non-existent?

Maybe it is HE that is dumb and chicken. We know too well that he exists...

On our local NPR station, Mike Collins, who hosts the show, daily has to turn away callers. Same goes for Diane Rehm, and every other talk show on NPR...local or otherwise.

But Rush is on for 3 hours, and most of it is just Rush himself, ruffling paper, pounding his desk, ululating one distortion or untruth or another, and it is a rare moment when a caller gets through. And should the caller be anything other than a dittohead lemmingboy sheeple nobody...he will cut them off and talk over them. Did no one ever teach this bumpkin dropout from a mediocre excuse for an institute of higher education...any manners?

Why can't he be me?

Were he worth his salt, he would truly open his lines, and allow free expression.

I have learned about all manner of things while listening to NPR and BBC. But one is merely wasting one's time, if one thinks an education can be had on the Rush Limbaugh show....even though he is now proclaiming that "intelligence" is the most important thing.

Live and/or learn...