Friday, September 05, 2003

Ameripalooza : Durn! It's already taken!

But the big event was July 17 at Wetlands, long the rootsiest of NYC's alt venues: the so-called Ameripalooza Festival, two floors of music from 7:30 till whenever. Arriving an hour late, I checked out eight acts. Maybe I would also have liked Dakotan-turned-Austinite Anna Egge at 7:30 ("a combination of bluegrass, folk and Texas-style country that defies easy categorization"--No Depression). Still, much of my pleasure was anthropological. Lifestyles of the alt and country.

...and I was going to use it to describe the magnificent 7 embodiments of the Democratic spirit. And Demopalooza is taken too. Shite! Perhaps I am using a lesser metaphor anyway. I mean, who among them would ever find themselves at a -palooza anyway? None. But at least they know what music is. Earwash. And Lawd knows we need it today. Garbage in. Garbage in.