Saturday, September 06, 2003

Hamas threatens to kill Sharon. EU, US Blacklists Hamas.

Abbas Resigns as EU and US place Hamas on Terror List

The predicted Hell Week comes to this. Abbas resigns, Hamas vows to kill Sharon, and the EU joins the US in blacklisting Hamas...putting them on the Terrorist list. This after Israel declared "all-out war" on Hamas.

One can expect media blackouts, diversions and such as the bloodbath begins...
Ready to play football...indeed.

As Peter Gabriel once sang:"The eyes of the world are watching now..."
And as Rod King once said: "Can't we all just get along"?


Hindustani Times:
The Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas threatened on Saturday to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon after an Israeli air strike wounded its spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

"We warn Sharon that his head is now wanted by our troops," leaders of Hamas' military wing said via loudspeaker at a Gaza City hospital where Yassin was treated for a light hand injury. About 15 others were wounded.

Upon hearing of Abbas' resignation, Israel, apparently fearing a dangerous vacuum forming, according the ABC News "dropped a 550-pound bomb on a Gaza City apartment in a botched attempt to kill several top Hamas leaders, including the Islamic militant group's founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, who escaped with a minor injury."
Yassin was the highest ranking Hamas leader to have been targetted by Israel. In response, "Israel declared a state of high alert Saturday evening, bracing for more attacks."

"In Gaza City, thousands of Hamas supporters poured into the streets, handing out sweets to celebrate the survival of their leaders. One Hamas member riding in a car led a chant over a loudspeaker: "Sharon listen very well. You bought a free ticket to hell.""