Friday, February 06, 2004

David Corn: Questions Russert should ask Bush

Capital Games

Some of the questions:

-Did he decide to use military force against Iraq before 9/11?
-Where are the WMDs he insisted were there?
-Why is he using phony budget numbers?
-Did he engage in less-than-proper business dealings before he entered politics?
-Why he has misled the public while promoting his policies on stem cells research, global warming, and missile defense?
-Why has he opposed certain homeland security measures and not adequately funded others?
-...if the CIA did not say there was a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons in Iraq, what was your basis for asserting a stockpile existed?
-Did you know something the CIA did not? Did you overstate the intelligence?
-Was it not misleading to tell the public that "we don't know" whether Iraq had a nuclear weapon, when, in fact, we did know?
-Can you tell us what evidence you had for saying that Hussein was an "ally" of al Qaeda?
-Can you now give us names of men or women with whom you served in Alabama?
-Why did you not take a flight physical?
-Why did your campaign put out an explanation that was wrong?