Thursday, February 05, 2004

Open letter to wingnut DJ, Jason Lewis



Why do you want to keep America in the dark ages, transportation-wise?
Time was when America was first-rate in Information, Transportation and Energy Innovation.
Those days are gone. You are basically wrongheaded on this, and many other issues, and I suspect it has everything to do with your receiving more money by supporting cars, oil, traditional media...the old order.

Were you to listen to God, you would learn what is truly needed in this world.
Quit wasting time on shallow, mammoniacal agendas, and think with your own head...if you can't connect with the Divine...who would serve you better than any human, regardless of how much you might worship them.

Force yourself to always tell the truth. God comes into an impartial mind.
Partial minds remain merely human. And only half that.
The more things one has, the less he has of God. When one is rid of mere things, he or she is given all that the saints and angels have. (See Meister Eckhart)

Do you want to become a truly more spiritual being? Or
do you want to be a person who has more things?

The more things you have, the more you have to attend to these things.
When you're polishing your Beamer, you could be serving the poor and suffering, or receiving divine instruction and healing to make you a better human being.

Ego, my friend, is most destructive to your true inner voice...which is connected to the divine. The first thing the ego does is to scramble the inner voice...
and suplant it with it's own, selfish, monomaniacal agenda.

Rise above this. Become impartial.
It would be a true rarity in today's bought-off world.
And it will beckon help from your true superiors.

Kind regards,
Baruch the Scribe