Saturday, May 22, 2004

Bush's Fear of Waffles

Bush's Fear of Waffles

The Bushies fear waffles. They talk about them all the time.
Waffling is bad. It's bad to waffle. Kerry is a waffler. Their linguistic inventory is not that advanced.

But why do the Bushies fear waffles and wafflers?

Well, I'm not sure about waffles, but when it comes to wafflers, I have a pretty good hunch: They want people (supporters) to stay the course, for to change one's mind means becoming a dreaded waffler. Who cares that new information shows that the whole Iraq war, for example, was fought unnecessarily?

This binds the hands of those who would otherwise make the necessary upgrades to their knowledge-base...even if it means reversing a decision. Waffling, if you will.

But those who have seen both sides often have the greatest potential for clarity, which is a rare commodity here in BushWorld.

The growing number of websites by traditional allies of Bush shows that they are not afraid of the syntheses their minds may have achieved from having seen both sides, and are now positing solutions to what they now know to be a real and gathering problem...that of a secretive, law-skirting, mammoniacal, arrogant throwback to mere nationalistic 20th century war profiteering and their pre-cosmic ilk, bulls among China, swine before pearls, lording over all, sporting overalls...and we're supposed to turn a blind mind...

Now I done gone and forgot the subject...subconsciously exemplifying the point.