Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Conservative Case for Voting Democratic

A Conservative Case for Voting Democratic
Give either party complete control of government, and the vaults are quickly emptied.
By Doug Bandow

Conservatives, Republicans, Moderates, Independents...they are all bolting from Bush and his failed "presidency". They are not too happy about the administration or Congress either. And I think there may be a rare point of unity with Liberals, Democrats and Progressives on just this need to return Government to those who understand how to best govern. I have a newfound respect for those who are not so hoodwinked that they can see that Bush Inc. has been bad medicine for America, Iraq and the entire world.

But I think also that many are bolting just because they hate to be on the losing side. These people do not have my newfound respect. They are simply remaining opportunistic. Maybe they had best just sit on their hands election time, as we really don't want to go down the opportunism road. We want a return to simple decency, honesty, reward for work, a love for peace and tolerance, a cleaner and more healthy environment. Things we all, rich and poor, share.

I sense a new dawn on the horizon. A better 21st century is on the vision train!