Monday, May 31, 2004

Virtual Bohemia : Liberal TV has arrived!

Virtual Bohemia : Liberal TV has arrived!

This summer, we at anonyMoses Research & Humor Labs will be covering a host of new and indelible topics.

Here is a preview of our Summer offering:

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-Telling Times: All the news that's shit to print
-Up From The Bog: The Tom Delay Story
-Conservative in Bed: a study in necrophilia
-Is your husband...conservative? Help is on the way!
-Achieving Nevada: ...Stays in the White House
-At Night We Shine: Bootblacks in Tandem

The Clinton Biographies
The Clinton Biographies, Part One: "Jefferson"
The Clinton Biographies, Part Two: "Johnson"
The Clinton Biographies, Part Three: "el BJ"

-Carpe Noctem
-Time Invaders
-Bleak Condo
-Apes in Costume
-Arnold the Robopig
-Tobacco Company Execs
-Advanced Tones of Voice
-Life After Money
-Green Witch Village
-Seeing Godot Out
-Inane Platitudes from the Deep
-Taboo Quest
-Freud's Banana
-Imperfect Weekend
-Food Chain Gang
-Corporate Busing
-Earth Muffin
-Ricecakes of Men
-Rapid Ear Movement
-Pick-up to Paradise
-Killer Mules of Tokyo
-Idea Management 101
-United States of Earth
-Vehement Behemoth
-Unusual Hair Parts
-Sexual in your Window
-Look Away if You Want Sex
-2 Ways Air Escapes the Body
-Undoing the Hydrant
-Sleep Smiling
-Relatively Cute SwampThang
-The Fastest Way to Bathe
-The New Way to Kiss
-Avant-Garde Lovemaking
-Horse Operas to Adore & Obey
-History of Mentalities
-You are what you upload
-When the Waldoes Emerge
-A Million Years Ago Today
-We Fit Together Like Dogs
-Dreams Are for Sissies
-A Glacier in Hell
-Finnegan's Wake For Cats
-Being-for-Itself Meets Godzilla
-The Horripilation