Saturday, June 05, 2004

Gore stand up for America against Bush's rapine and mismanagement

Gore stand up for America against Bush's rapine and mismanagement
Gore: Bush a "moral coward"

Former Vice President Al Gore stepped up his slashing attack on President Bush on Friday night, accusing the administration of ruining the economy, destroying the nation's standing with its allies and waging a war in Iraq based on lies and deception.

"Those policies came out of the White House and no matter the wrongdoing of individual troops, they were ordered to wade into a moral cesspool and given ambiguous, conflicting instructions and then praised for doing things they shouldn't have been doing," Gore said. "I believe the abuse of those prisoners came directly from the abuse of the truth in the run-up to the war."

If the United States re-elects Bush, then American citizens share the blame, Gore added.

Bush has "looted" the economy and turned projected multitrillion-dollar surpluses into deep deficits, Gore said.

"In the last three and a half years, this administration has tragically and recklessly squandered our legacy, while the special interest people were advising him behind closed doors," Gore declared.

The Bush administration's "single objective is to help the wealthy and powerful," he said, adding that the president likes to act tough but "whenever he is in the presence of a wealthy contributor, he is a moral coward."