Saturday, July 24, 2004

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Haaretz - Israel News - Jews between Israel and France
(via ConventionBlogger and Josh Marshall)

     Here is an excellent editorial by Haaretz on Sharon's misguided demand that France's Jews come immediately to Israel...

     Lord knows Mr. Sharon is trying to protect Israel and the Jewish people, but one wonders if the less honorable things he has done in his life have not, perhaps, tainted his judgement.

     Some day, the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians will trade in their historical hatred, and make that quantum leap to Universal their, and our, God would wish upon us all.

     As a citizen of the American South who has lived through the riots and hatred, I know these things can be overcome. I wish the Middle East, and indeed, the World...Godspeed!

     The weapons of war have become too dangerous, and our consciences have become too desiccated by fear, to carry on...without dire results that will spoil what good remains.

     People may want revenge...but not if it means sacrificing friends and family, for the short-term satisfaction of getting that revenge...which only pushes the cyle forward, ever-forward.
     Forgiveness, as Dag Hammerskold once said, breaks the chain of causality.
     Trust in Mister Sharon will surely wane with his recent remarks. And trust has dwindled considerably for Mister Bush.
     It may well be time for both our countries to find more trustworthy leaders for whom Peace IS a virtue, and Universal Love is a possibility.