Friday, July 23, 2004

A Year Ago on Anonymoses...

Weapons of Goliath
Anonymoses, July 31, 2003

In 1991, Noam Chomsky spoke of some of the atrocities of the first war in Iraq:

There was an awesome demonstration of this in Iraq./ Military operations were designed so that no battles took place...When U.S. troops entered Kuwait they were led by a battalion of engineers using bulldozers. These were used to bury possibly thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive in their trenches. They simply drove the bulldozers over the trenches and buried the soldiers alive. This is a horrible war crime, but nobody cares. Nonetheless, it does reveal something about U.S. military planning. If you attack someone who can defend themselves, you don't send bulldozers into battle. This makes it clear that the United States had prepared everything in such a way that there was never going to be a war. And effectively, there never was a war, only slaughter and atrocities.
-Noam Chomsky

When I hear about the graves of dead soldiers we now keep "finding"...whom should I assume put them there? Questions,  questions...