Thursday, October 28, 2004

Entrepreneur: "Will Undertake for Food"

Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg, author of "Going Nucular", talked about the word, "entrepreneur" today on NPR, and said that today it really just means: "Will undertake for food". An interesting choice of words, as the original meaning of the French word is "to undertake something". Nunberg talks about how "entrepreneurship" grows when jobs decline. An entrepreneur being basically a self-employed person. And he talks about how Bush trumpets the word at every opportunity, as if were some sort of high-fallujan term (oops, did I say Fallujan?) that we all should aspire to embody. In other words, you're gonna lose your job. Suck it up.

Meanwhile over on Rush, there is shuffling of paper, pounding of fists, blovation.