Monday, October 25, 2004

North Carolina's New Breed

I tend to get all wrapped up in National politics, and forget to consider what is going on locally.
And with people like Jesse Helms representing the history of NC politics, it is not hard to see why I might want to dissociate from the local scene.

I am pleased to report that North Carolina is on the move. And John Edwards is just the tip of the iceberg. And good people are popping up in both parties. Jim Snyder pops to mind. A gentleman and a scholar, Mr. Snyder is a living legacy of what has long been good about North Carolina. He actually would do better on the stage, as he has a classic look, and classic style.
And why he is running as Republican for Lt. Governor, while Jim Ballentine is at the head of the beyond me. It's like Laurence Olivier as understudy to Sean Hannity. Totally ass-backwards.

Also ass-backwards is that Bev Perdue is running for Lt. Governor while Mike Easley is running for Governor. Granted, Easley is already Governor. I'd frankly prefer a Snyder/Perdue joint Governorship.

Beth Troutman, like Bev Perdue, is also a bright new voice for North Carolina. Erskine Bowles is yet another shining light, who not only has White House experience and prowess, he also has the help of the great blogger and human being, Matt Gross. And reality-based Jack Flynn will be a nice addition to the congress after he unseats the rubber stamping Sue Myrick, who has exceeded her usefulness. We need to send Richard Moore back as State Treasurer, who has run the best performing pension fund in the country, and has left NC with the best credit rating in the nation.

These good people join other good folks who are doing right by North Carolinians, like Mel Watt, who has begun his "Trading Places" tour, where he works alongside his constituency, and presumably let's others wear his Hahvard tie.

This is a good time to be a Carolinian. We are finally returning to a sort of Mayberry purity.
Y'all come back now! Heah?