Friday, January 28, 2005

The Wayback Machine: A decade of old stuff, archived alas!

I had heard for years that such a thing existed, and one day hoped to look up some old websites. Well, that day is today, thanks to Roch Smith Jr. from Greensboro101 who brought to my attention The Wayback Machine. In many cases the art didn't survive, and many of the links are defunct, but the basics are still there, simplistic though they certainly are.

The following are links to Wayback's archival copies of the original web pages:


My first webpage, composed in 1995, was called Virtual Bohemia: The Left Bank of Cyberspace, and had links to other creations such as:
IBMW : Internet Business Marketing World
Master List
Charlotte Internet Society
Virtual Charlotte
Seers Catalog
Advanced Tones of Voice
David the Letterman
Snail World
Genius Search
Rapid Ear Movement
Society of Future Trillionaires (SOFT)
Life After Money
Nicotine Addicts Anonymous (NAA) "Just say NAA !"
RH Positive

Explaining each would take too much time. Most have long outlived their usefulness. These are compiled here. The name Microjesus was picked up in 1995 after I had dropped my AOL account under the name of Megajesus, which was my first screen name online.

Eventually I moved to Sprynet, where I had what I call a fortified mirror site. The previous work was housed on my computer in Massachusetts, and my Sprynet work was on my Charlotte computer, and is sadly unarchived. Later, I moved to charlotteinternet which is compiled here. You may note that it changes considerably over the months and years.
For example, see this different months:
Oct 01, 1999
Mar 01, 2001
Sep 25, 2001
Dec 02, 2001
Aug 06, 2002
Feb 13, 2003

Some of the links that were archived are:
Genius Search
Dave Beckwith Art Gallery
Dave Beckwith Sculpture Gallery


Then I decided to get into comedy, so I created a website called Birdfinger, which was not entirely unlike The Onion, although lacking the humorous element.

Birdfinger is archived here.
June 2000 July 2000 Aug 16, 2000
Special Amerigeddon Issue
Jan 24, 2001 Mar 02, 2001 Jul 23, 2001
Jan 21, 2002 Jul 22, 2002 Sep 26, 2002
Jan 30, 2003

It being the '90s, I was holder of dozens of domains, most with great names, and one I stupidly turned down half a mil for in the late 90s. Maybe Hugh Hefner or Larry Flynt will make me a reasonable offer...
I included many of the domains within and under the umbrella of, which is archived here. Unfortunately the projects link doesn't work. Haven't checked the others. Never did much with it anyway. Better as a blog. Oh, but I did find the list of domains listed here.
They include:
HighTextiles ShadeWear PeaceGoods FutureGoods
UnitedStatesofEarth PeaceFutures Sharevenue EarMusic
TheFirstTrillionaire BrainchildPress iBMW WorldsSexiest
YouthInternational SeersCatalog Birdfinger GrowLife
TheHomeLoaner MajorAdvances SexyJets FloodMoney
UpperClassifieds GreenModerate LilithAge WritersCafe
TradeStreetJournal HDcableTV OutreLimits
CharlotteInternet PeoplesEmpire VirtualBohemia GeniusSearch
IdeaManagement eBizIncubator GiftEconomy GreenWitchVillage
TofuChicken FreeSouth 4-MD LoanLow
RVking GoToDo INeedSpeed Enviropress
InfoMinutes CharityBrokers a1Eats BandwidthRX

And now I own but three... Ah the ups and downs!

I had a couple of Blog-city blogs go defunct on me, and the Wayback Machine picked them up too. Here is Nuculus. Now if I can just remember the names of the others...

Once there was a time when the sidebar on this site was on the left, and not the right, side. Even the blogroll was different than it is now, considerably. But I had to be a smarty pants and change templates, thus wiping out my former work. Well I found the first Anonymoses as well.
Wonders never cease!

Having only just begun this walk down memory lane, I am reminded of a concept that has long trotted through my mind, and that being autoarchaeology, or autopsychoarchaeology...although that might be an unnecessary iteration. Many of you who have a history that you may have thought was lost, for good or ill, may well find riches, or otherwise, within these archives.


You can, say, find the front page of the New York Times on 9/11. Things like that...

Happy mining! And thanks, Roch!