Saturday, February 05, 2005

"I used to be known as quite the conservative."

Jake To The Bone: What I've been saying.
"I used to be known as quite the conservative. I listened to lame-brained Limbaugh on a regular basis, and even listened to the re-runs on the weekends. I voted for Reagan and Bush I...twice. As a church-owned teen, and as the son of a preacher, I opposed evolution.
Thank God that somewhere, somehow along the way something in my brain -- that nagging little voice that serves as everyone's baloney detector -- clicked, and I started doing homework. Maybe it started in college in my Anthropology class. Who knows.
The main point is, I started thinking, I started suspecting I was being lied to, and I started to do the hard work of being a citizen -- homework...with the TV sound turned down. "