Saturday, February 05, 2005

Link dump and transfer

These are some links retrieved off my original blog, which was found archived. Some may not still work, and I hope to weed those out. Most are pretty good though. I also noticed that the webarchive turns these links into their links. I am not sure what that means as yet. Guess I'll find out when I try them. If they fail I will delete the post. I also notice that they are all run together, but I'm feeling lazy today, and so they will probably stay that way for a least a while. If they are already on my blog, I will try to omit it.

4ad Records Alchemy Journal Ampersand Amphetadesk Big Sur Tapes Blog of Collective Intelligence Blogpulse CafePress Boing Boing Bookslut, The Brad DeLong Christopher Lydon CitiesForPeace Col. David Hackworth Conblog-The Indepundit Counterspin CrisisPapers Crooked Timber Cultural Creatives Cultural Elite, The

Daily Brew, The Daily Rant, The Dalkey Archives Dave Barry Dave Winer Daypop Dem Underground Desultor DonkeyRising Dreamvirus Journal EFF Esther Dyson ExitZero Facets Multimedia FastPolitics Finnegans Wake Concordex First Stone Florida Blog Freethinker's Page

Great American Speeches GreyMatter Guardian UK Hack the Planet Harvard Political Review In These Times Incendiary Introspection Indy Media International Sentinel, The Jim Hightower John Sugg Juan Cole Labyrinth (Medieval resources) LeanLeft Left is Right Lefty Directory, The LegitGov LiberalSlant Literary Kicks Live Journal Lucy Perkins

MadKane Mahablog Maureen Dowd MaxSpeak Media Matters Media Revolution MediaBurn Medieval Mayhem by Skelligsraven Meerkat Michael Moore Molly Ivens Mitch Kapor More from Harvard Mother Jones Movable Type MWO Mystic Fire Video Natalie Davis Native American Raven Lore News is Free NION NION - signers North Carolina Experiment, The North State Blogs

OJR Onion Online Journal Oxblog Oxford Democracy Forum Oxytocin PaidContent PBS Online Perfunctory Peter Merholz Philip Greenspun Plucky Popdex Project Censored Radio Userland RaptorMagic Raw Story Rebecca's Pocket Robert Anton Wilson RSSifyTool Rumi

Salam Pax Salon Second-Class Citizen Sisyphus Shrugged Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Slactivist Slash Slate Stand Down Syndic8 Take Back the Media The Nation The Rational Liberal thinking while typing Tom Tomorrow TomPaine TroubleTickets TrueMajority TruthOut

UK Parliament on the Web Unanswered Questions 911 Utne Online Village Voice w.bloggar Wallace Stevens Wanted: A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy WhiskeyBar's List o' Lies
Who's Who in Mysticism Wintermute Z-Net Zope

RECENT ADDITIONS Broken Train Weblog Against War Peace Blogs LEFT is RIGHT Alternative Online News Outlets Eatonweb/NCDU Blogs The Rodent's Burrow CentrifugalForce Omega Point 2012

salonified blogs These are some of the blogs recommended by readers of TableTalk at Agonist ArmedLiberal BeetleSympathy Billmon T.Bogg Calpundit CitizenCites Claremont Weblog Command-Post Counterspin BarryCrimmins Cursor DearRaed Digbysblog DisgustedLiberal Ehrensteinland FailureIsImpossible TheGrandOldParty HermesPress Insurrection JaneGalt JubileeIraq TheLeftCoaster LetterFromGotham LiberalOasis
LinkPopularity LyingSocialistWeasels MainstreamList MajorBarbara J.Marshall
Maxspeak MingReport MyPhD NathanNewman NewLeftBlogs Nuisance NealPollack
Quasipundit Rittenhouse RogerAiles SalonBlog SDSessions RobertScheer
SkyeDreams SlicedAndDiced SmirkingChimp TAP Alternate Usn-dem-vet Vaara WealthBondage WorldCrossing/WebX