Friday, March 25, 2005

Didactic Dropout

Didactic Dropout

From the World's Most Obnoxious Types series: Wannabe Professors and Preachers

If you are in a hospital and someone comes in to do surgery on you, and when you inquire as to their credentials, they say "I am not a real doctor, but I know how to sound like one.", you would have a perfect right to be uncomfortable. And were you to decide to decline the offer, few would blame you.

People who have had the benefit of quality instruction, be it from professors, teachers, preachers, rabbis and such, learn to differentiate between those who are truly qualified to instruct and draw out, and those who merely know how to sound that way.

Some of those who are qualified can take on a didactic tone, which is in some ways forgiveable, since they actually do know more about the given subject.

What is truly annoying though is when those who are not really qualified to take on such a tone...take on such a tone. The didactic dropouts, of which there are plenty.

For the sake of one's mental health, one might do well to question those whose ideas are performing daily surgery on one's mind, and realize that mental invasiveness can be as costly and dangerous as physical invasiveness.

Garbage in, garbage out...