Saturday, March 19, 2005

Gothic Lolitas reign

Charlotte Observer | 03/18/2005 (Registration required)

Gothic Lolitas reign Demure or dominatrix? Whatever it is, trend is moving into mainstream Laura M. Holson

t did not take long for Twinkle Lam of Dallas to realize that she had a problem on her hands.

Lam, 23, moderates an online discussion group about Gothic and Lolita fashion, a style of dressing -- imported from Japan and featuring Victorian-era calf-length skirts, bloomers, aprons, lace bows and ruffled petticoats -- that has attracted a following in America.

For the most part, discussion on, a blog of about 2,500 ardent adherents to Gothic and Lolita fashion, revolves around questions like where to buy chunky high-heeled Mary Jane pumps or how to fashion Bo Peep collars. But over the winter, the polite exchanges gave way to angry, often profane declamations.