Saturday, March 19, 2005

Rich Barrett describes the vision and thrust of this excellent blog:

Hi. I've just started a creative community web blog called, and I'm looking for contributors (writers, artists, creative people, people interested in what's going on in the city) from the Charlotte area that would want to take part. is basically a free-form daily discussion centered around the creative community of Charlotte. Ideally, contributors would post entries about upcoming or recently experienced arts events in the area, gallery shows, local music, theater, current events, as well as photos, drawings, paintings, poems, anecdotes, personal design projects, tips they want to share, books or movies or things they've found on the web that may be of interest to other creative people.

I'm open to people posting about pretty much any subject they feel like. Ideally the sum of the individual entries will paint an interesting picture of the people who live in Charlotte and the things that interest them.

The site just launched and will evolve as it goes along. Please check it out, feel free to read entries and post comments if you have them, and if anyone is interested in being a contributor please send me an email at and introduce yourself.