Friday, April 01, 2005

At the Charlotte Observer Forum...

Ace Pryhill comments on a pregnant post found in the Charlotte Observer, where a reader writes:

Mr. President, I want my GOP back

When I became a Republican 25 years ago, the party stood for individual rights and personal freedom, fiscal responsibility and judicial fairness. Now the Bush administration and the congressional Republican leadership spend their time exploiting a tragic family matter for political profit. Separation of power, states rights, and an independent judiciary are being ignored.

Ask yourself this question: If Terri Schiavo were black, without white evangelical Christian parents, would President Bush and congressional Republicans have been so eager to leap to her defense?

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

To which Pryhill responds:

Or, another scenario: Imagine if Terri Schiavo was a lesbian, and it was her longtime partner who wanted to keep her on the feeding tube, at odds with her parents' desires. Would President Bush, congressional Republicans, and especially the flocks of Christian demonstrators been so eager to leap to her defense?

And to which I responded...but the comment crashed:

Excellent points! Thanks for the information too!
I didn't realize that her parents were white evangelicals, although I did suspect they were white, or at least beige.
Your point brings out one of the main reason why I cannot ever see myself in alignment with that party in its present incarnation; Racial and sexual bigotry. Bigotry is unintelligent, and I am not unintelligent. Nor will I cheerlead for the unintelligent. I am glad to see people like you who are not obsequiously deferential to the eleventh commandment, which basically says it's okay to lie and obey the stupid.

and you responded...