Friday, April 01, 2005

Follow the Love: A Freeper jumps ship

A freeper says: "Time to part company"


The whole Terri Schiavo case has changed everything for me. A mob mentality took over the first few days after the order to pull the tube was given. Anyone who did not toe the line was attacked. I saw a dedicated active-duty member of our armed forces called a “Maine liberal” for simply asking why troops in harm’s way did not get the same sort of “all-nighter” attention that Terri Schiavo got. It was a reasonable question – we have 40-year-old P-3s still out there. We have a war on terrorism still going on, in case folks have not noticed.
I’m sick of the way the Terri threads spun out of control, and the vicious attacks launched at reasonable people who came to a different conclusions about the situation or who pointed out facts that certain people found inconvenient. This is not what I signed on here for.
I do NOT want the federal government to be involved in any culture war. “Culture” was never mentioned in the constitution, thus I believe it is left to the States or TO THE PEOPLE (see the Tenth Amendment).
In the process of Free Republic leaving me, I now find that I fear the social conservatives as much as I fear the loony left. As a result of coming to this conclusion, I ask that my account be deleted and all posts I have made, save for this opus and the ping to my friends be removed.

I predict that more and more people will learn that it is better to follow the love than chase after money and popularity, and good people like Leach, Chaffee, Snow, Shays, Spector, Warner and others will realize that "the love" is no longer in their party. It has been pushed out by hate, reaction, bloviation, diversion, irresponsibility, obscurantism, greed, micranimity and a lack of respect for Truth.