Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Read Charlotte Observer's Blogs

The Charlotte Observer now features blogs on the front page (online).

I knew they had it in 'em!

Maybe we'll have to change our name to Bloglotte, or Bloglot, or even Mecklenblog. Hmm... Now THAT has a ring!

Wonder if it's taken. BRB...

Oh well...even though there isn't a Mecklenblog, did I say Mecklenblog, on Google...when I try to nab it on blogger, I am told it is taken.

Where are you? I know you are out there!

And what about Blogolina? or The Blouth? Or The Blorth for that matter? How about the Blidwest? No...the only one that exists in Blest...although there is a very close "Bleeth".

Anyway...go Charlotte! Go Observer!