Wednesday, June 08, 2005

ConvergeSouth: Bigger Than The Beetles!

Carolina Art Blog

Yes, you heard right! Bigger Than The Beetles has agreed to perform at ConvergeSouth 2005, and the Carolina Art world will never be the same. Granted, it would have never been the same anyway. But let that not diminish the sheer grooviness (to be perhaps overly clinical) of this good fortune, rather let the flow of good tiding keep you in good stead, knowing that, alas, you do have a bright future, at least until the conclave of bloggerly souls rolls in its final carpet, and the future is tossed to the next good steward for our better angel's good keeping.

For more from and about Bigger, you may look here and here and here.

Bigger Than The Beetles, Jamzoo, Jimy Jamz, Naked Karma, and JaWW are all pseudonyms of Woody Williams, the world's most unusual man, and musician, composer, artist, poet, entertainer and alien. His music was #1 on MP3 for North Carolina for months and months, if not years, and he was in the top 100 nationally. I have personally enjoyed his astonishing talents for nearly 30 years. His musical styles range from folk to country to techno to trance to experimental electronic to vocal tone poems and lands safely in polka, where many people have the squitters and do not even realize it, or, sadly, care. A one-of-a-kind musical genius, he also does all his own art, which, as you will see, is also of high originality.

Woody hopes to be able to contribute music and art to the ConvergeSouth celebration, and urges other artists to donate their time and good name for this excellent educational event.