Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Guess Who's Coming to ConvergeSouth 2005?

ConvergeSouth 2005

Guess who's coming to ConvergeSouth?

Amanda Congdon - Rocketboom
Michael Bowen - Cobb
Dave Winer - Scripting News
Ed Cone - EdCone.com
Jimmy Wales - Wikipedia
Tiffany Brown - BlackFeminism.Org
Billy (the Blogging Poet) Jones - bloggingpoet.squarespace.com
Ben Hwang - Lux.et.Umbra
Jay Ovittore - jovittore.blogspot.com
So far!!!

It is even rumored that anonyMoses...naaa...impossible...well maybe?! Could it be? The excitement builds. What pipes and timbrels! What wild ecstasy!