Monday, December 19, 2005

Kerry: "Big Oil: Mission Accomplished?"

Senator Kerry had some interesting things to say recently...

If you ever needed a reminder of how broken Washington has become under one-party rule, we're getting it loud and clear in the closing hours of this session of Congress. Instead of sending a unified and unanimous signal to our troops on the front lines, Republicans are instead scheming to make a giveaway to the big oil companies their parting shot before Congress leaves Washington this winter. The Republicans' aim is sadly simple: mission accomplished for the big oil companies, mission unaccomplished for our troops, our environment, and America's real energy security.

In the very early hours this morning, Republican Senators, in a desperate legislative maneuver, have attached an arctic drilling proposal to the defense bill. They're putting oil companies ahead of our troops. Senator McCain got it right when he called this maneuver "disgusting."

If you agree, call your Senator now and help us get this special interest giveaway off the bill that is supposed to be helping our troops.

Call your Senators and tell them to stand up against this Republican abuse of power


This is no small fight. What the Republicans are doing dishonors our troops, it dishonors the Senate, it breaks the public trust - and in this particular instance, it would lead to the destruction of one of America's most treasured wildlife refuges. I won't stand for it.

And next time these Republicans tell me that we have to destroy this wildlife refuge for our energy security, I'm going to tell them the truth that you and I know with every fiber of our being: we cannot drill our way to energy independence; we have to invent our way there. The best ways to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil are to conserve more, waste less, and develop more fuel-efficient cars so we use less oil and gas.

I'm not going to stand for the hollow, empty, more of the same energy policy written by Dick Cheney in secret meetings that puts at risk the troops this defense bill is meant to protect.

Tell your Senators to oppose this underhanded attempt to hijack legislation for our troops to give an early Christmas present to the oil companies.

Does this mean the honeymoon is over?
But it is not only oil. It is water. Just ask Rummy. He salivates at the thought.
Air and thoughts are next.