Thursday, December 08, 2005

Loserman tapped to Win War on Terror


I have heard some pretty crazy things before, but this one really takes the cake. Is it that they want Democrats to take the blame and heat when we pull out of Iraq? And how will all the folks who only know Joe as "Loserman" react to his being put in charge of winning a war?

Sure Joe has droopy skin and always sounds like he is constipated, but is that any reason to use him as Rummy's replacement? Why not find someone who is not droopy and constipative for a change? Staying the course again?

Joe dreams of being a Republican, so why not just let him become a citizen Republican, and not a high-powered Republican? Is that too hard? There are enough right-wingers already. No need to add another.

Now Wes Clark is another story. He could actually get the job done. Not be another Michael Brown. Let Wes have the job. Better yet, let him have Bush's job. Then get someone who would be great on the domestic front to take over Cheney's job. Like John Edwards. So many improvements available to us. Why wait for a vote?

Please tell me this whole thing about Lieberman is just a cruel joke. Things are bad enough already.